Lets Give A Market A Go !!!!!!

Hi all

Well its come to that time when we have to say………LETS GIVE IT A GO :-)

So…….simplyTrue and two recoving wrists will be attending their first market this year which will be Rochester Farmers Market on Sunday 21st April 9 – 1 Blue Boar Lane Car Park

Come along and say Hi coz its been a lonely year so far :-(

I’ve even made a couple of pieces of new jewellery…..a slow task at the mo……but it’s a start :-D

Hope to see you there

Take care

Sue from simplyTrue




Well I guess most of you are aware that 2024 hasn’t started too good for simplyTrue.

Early in 2024 I managed to break both of my wrists meaning its not just a slow start for simplyTrue but a non exsistant start for simplyTrue !!! Things are on the mend slowly but, as you can imagine, its going to take a while to be back to brandishing those pliers with purpose !  :-D

I will be booking events for furture on in the year and will be back to markets when I can.

Please keep an eye on my calendar page for details

Our on line store remains open with Mr. simplyTrue doing the PO run :-)


Take care all x

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Here at simplyTrue we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our customers new and old for coming to find us at markets and events. Thank you for your purchases, thank you for looking, thank you for your kind words.

We wish you a Happy Christmas and a Good New Year

simplyTrue will now be taking January off to catch up with paperwork and get making all those new bracelets and necklaces that will be appering next year.

The online store will still be open and I will be adding some new stuff on there after Christmas. store.simplytrue.co.uk

Take care everyone :-)



Merry Christmas Everyone

Just to let you know that we will be at a couple of Christmas Markets this year.

November 18th and 19th we will be at the super Hall Place Christmas fair and Market. We will be outside in the courtyard next to the cafe. Times for this one are 10am to 4 pm

December 2nd and 3rd we will be at the Dickensian Christmas Festival in Rochester. Lots of food, drinks and gift stalls this weekend in the streets and in the Castle Gardens

Merry Christmas everyone

Take care :-)

New Addition to simplyTrue

Our new addition to the simplyTrue Jewellery family are our Chakra Bracelets.

They are made using seven different 8 mm semi precious beads. They will all come with their own meaning card and in a white organza bag. If you are not sure what Chakras are I have put together a small bit of info for you. There is lots of info on the internet if you wish to find out more.

This is a quick look at Chakras.

There are seven main Chakras. They are positioned down the body. They are the main energy points in this ancient energy system.

Chakras originated in India.

Chakra in Sanskrit means “wheel” and refers to the energy points in the body. They are thought to be spinning disks of energy that should stay “open and aligned”. They correspond to nerves, major organs and areas of the body that affect emotional and physical well-being.

Chakras have a number, a name, a colour and a specific area of the spine and head.

Root. No.1. Location. Base of the spine. Colour. Red. Meaning. Stability and grounding.

Sacral. No. 2. Location. Just below the belly button. Colour. Orange. Meaning. Pleasure and creativity.

Solar Plexus. No. 3. Location. Stomach area. Colour. Yellow. Meaning. Self-esteem and confidence.

Heart. No. 4. Location. Centre of chest. Colour. Green. Meaning. Love and compassion.

Throat. No. 5. Location. Throat. Colour. Blue. Meaning. Communication.

Third Eye. No. 6. Location. Forehead. Colour. Indigo. Meaning. Intuition and imagination.

Crown. No. 7. Location. Top of head. Colour. Violet or white. Meaning. Awareness and intelligence.

There are many different stones that can be used to represent the Chakras. In this bracelet I have chosen a selection. Chakra colours do not necessary mirror the stone colour.

Hope you love our new bracelet. They will be available at markets and events and also on line in our store.

Take care :-)


Wow ! Where is this year rushing off to ???? Here we are in June already. Waiting for the sun to make its presence felt though……..come on sun :-D

Come rain or shine simplyTrues event calendar is full of places that you can come to find me. There are some smashing events lined up in the next few months so please do take a look and come find me at one (or two)

Dont forget if you prefer to shop from your armchair then take a look at my online store  store.simplytrue.co.uk

Happy Summer To You All


Hello 2023 :-)

Hi everyone :-)

simplytrue would like to wish everyone a super and successful 2023

Although the making table is still in action we take January and February as a restock and paperwork time and do not attend markets.

Looking forward to seeing you later in the year at the usual markets and events

Please take alook at the calender to find where we will be and, as always,  do feel free to message with any questions …..and…….dont forget that you can shop online at our store from the comfort of your sofa - items being added all the time   ;-D


Take care from Sue at simplyTrue



Well …. as we wave goodbye to summer we welcome in the ‘bers’ ….. that is September,  October, November and December !

We start to sort our heads to think of the coming Christmas festivities and gift buying

At simplyTrue we have tried to hold prices down as much as possible with costs, even the cost of beads, going up up up :-l

*** My prices now will be the same up to the end of December ***

I hope this can be a small help to you preparing your Christmas shopping :-)

PS This applies to my store goods too   store.simplytrue.co.uk

Sue from simplyTrue


More Festivals :-D

Faversham Hop

September 3 and 4th September

Its been a while since simplyTrue Jewellery graced Preston Street with their presence but this year we are back with a full stall of newly made jewellery for adults and children inc our extremly popular semi precious bracelets with their meaning cards.

We will also have our well loved gender neutral childrens Lucky Dip. We are still holding the price of this at a pocket money £1 a go :-) Our Childrens Jewellery table will be there with childrens jewellery priced from £1 to £5.99.

We will have adults jewellery made with varied types of beads inc glass, shell, wood, acrylic, ceramic and more

Come have alook and say a Hop Festival Hi :-D

It’s Festival Time !!!

Hi everyone :-)

I was so pleased to see so many new and old customers at The English Festival last week. What a fabulous day it was. Sunshine and so many very happy people.

Well it’s that time of year again for Rochester to welcome back The Sweeps Festival after a couple of years break. simplyTrue will be there as in other years. You can find me up Boley Hill opposite the our beautiful Rochester Catherdal with lots of other local stalls. The Sweeps Festival is an all day event with lots of music and dancing, including Morris Dancers and, I hear there are some fantasic Tribal Belly Dancers too :-D

Please take alook at my calender page to see where else you can find me this spring and summer

Take care all :-)